Home Based Businesses

A while back we came up with the idea for a photography series after visiting Greg Tutty‘s house.  Greg runs a very successful graphic design company from his home in Liverpool, NS. He has a very unique and amazing house that couldn’t help but inspire you to take a photo. So we began to put together the concept for a bigger photography project together with Brian Fralic and the South Queens Chamber Of Commerce. After a few weeks of hard work we have finished images of the following businesses:


Greg Tutty (Graphic design): www.gregtutty.com

Hell Bay Brewing Company (Beer brewing): www.hellbaybrewing.com

Bev Crouse (Quilter): www.quiltersnet.ca

Storm-Cast (Seaweed Compost): www.bearcove.ca/storm-cast.html

Chip’s Leather Works (Hand crafted leather items and knifes)

Lauren Tutty (Radio Tracker): www.laurentutty.com

Webaria (Web design): www.webaria.com

Feswick Productions (Recording studio): www.feswick.com

April Williams Hair Studio: www.aprilwilliamshairstudio.com

Stage Hands (Home staging services) www.homestagingpays.com


The images were shown at the opening for Privateer Days at the Best Western hotel in Liverpool, NS and then displayed for the remainder of the weekend in Privateer Park. Here is a photo of the barn at the Hell Bay Brewing Company and one of the goats that eats the spent hops. Since we originally blogged about it, we’ve posted all of the images here in the photography section.