Yellow Pages

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Just recently we’ve been doing a bit of contract work for Yellow Pages making commercial videos for their website (we do the camera work and they do the edit).

The most recent shoot we did was on Saturday at Crown Advertising, Specialties and Embroidery.  This is an incredible home-based operation based in Hunts Point, Queens County.  We were amazed by the quality of their products and watching the machines in action was enthralling.  Until Saturday we had no idea that this business existed so we are really glad that Yellow Pages sent us there, it’s a great way to discover things in your own community and meet interesting new people!

You can view some of the other work we’ve done for Yellow Pages here:

BuffZone Cleaning, Yarmouth

Trefry Excavating, Yarmouth

Dalton Jodrey plumbing and heating, Pleasantville (video coming soon)

Gateway Fuels, Yarmouth (video coming soon)