WhyHere? – Walker Dance

WhyHere? is a video project that we’re taking part in with the LQRDA featuring the local people that make the Lunenburg Queens region of Nova Scotia so great, and having them explain their reasons for being here.

This one features Jeff Walker, a classically trained ballet dancer who now lives in Brooklyn, Queens County. He grew up in Ontario but left for Europe in his early 20s to pursue a career on the world’s dance stages. After around 20 years, he wanted to settle down and his thoughts turned to the Liverpool area where he had spent much time as a child, having family in the area. Coming to an area like this, Jeff quickly realized that he could use his dance and fitness teaching skills, and set up his own business, Walker Dance and More. He now travels the Lunenburg-Queens region teaching a variety of dance styles as well as fitness. Jeff is a man who knows how to enjoy life, and really makes the most of this area. It was great fun getting to spend this time with him and experience some of his classes – I may become a ballerina yet! Watch this video to learn why he chose this area to live and start his business.

The soundtrack for this video is provided by Nova Scotia’s own Ryan MacGrath, with the song Sullivan’s Pond from the album Cooper Hatch Paris. This is one of my favourite albums of all time and I think this song suits the video perfectly.