New album promo from The Modern Grass

We have just made this teaser video for The Modern Grass to promote their forthcoming album High on the Mountain. We shot the video in Halifax at CBC’s Studio H in around 25 minutes, as well as some extra footage from a rehearsal at their house. All the audio is from the studio recording, we didn’t do our own live recording for this one.

The Modern Grass will be going on tour across Canada after they release the album and I’d recommend checking them out. And from what I’ve heard of the album it’s going to be amazing!

Modern Grass Christmas

Just recently Analog Songs went to the Rossignol Cultural Centre in Liverpool NS to record a couple of songs with The Modern Grass whilst they were on a tour of farmers markets around Nova Scotia.

To celebrate the festive season we’re releasing their version of Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas (check out their latest Christmas album). We shot this one in the English Room at the RCC, which is reconstructed from the old Lambert and Butler tobacco shop in Covent Garden, London England.

After this shoot we got the chance to see the band perform at Lane’s Privateer Inn in Liverpool and they put on an awesome show. Probably the first time I’ve witnessed a standing ovation and 2 encores in Lane’s. You should not miss these guys if you have the opportunity to see them play.

And if you’ve never been to the Rossignol Cultural Centre, well, what can I say?! You’re missing out! This place is a real treasure in our community; it’s full of the most amazing pieces from Sherman Hines’ personal collection (as well as others) and the dioramas are breathtaking. I’m ashamed to admit that I’d never been the the RCC before this shoot, but I will certainly make a point of returning there many times. There’s such a lot to see, from taxidermy, folk art, hunting and local artefacts to the incredible outhouse museum and the cultural village featuring replica tents and cabins from around the world. ¬†And I hear there are plans to do even more – follow them on facebook for updates.

Big thanks to Liz Brown and Sherman Hines from the RCC for letting us use this incredible location for the video shoots.

Don’t forget to check the Analog Songs website to see all the other sessions we’ve done.

The Blackest Crow

Back in the heat of the summer the Tequila Mockingbird Orchestra visited us out here in Molega for an Analog Songs session. Just as we were packing up, Kurt and Patrick started playing this old bluegrass song and we’re so glad we got it on camera. These old gold mines seem like the perfect setting for this traditional song.

Now that it’s turning bitterly cold out there, it seems like a very good time to release it to remind us of that hot August day filled with great music. Hope you enjoy it as much as we do.

(Or watch it on Vimeo)

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