WhyHere? – LaHave Forests

Third up in our WhyHere? video series with the LQRDA is LaHave Forests, and their Honeyberry Hurst Farm in Lower Northfield, Lunenburg County.

I didn’t know about LaHave Forests before this project came along, so visiting the farm was certainly an eye opener. Whilst their main crop and focus is the new haskap berry (of which LaHave Forests is the largest organic grower in North America), they do plenty more besides, including maintaining a large market garden which supplies fruit and vegetables to many local restaurants. Oh, and they grow hops too, for the forthcoming haskap beer! The haskap berry is a new superberry, and very healthy (and tasty – I’ve tried the jam and the juice!).

As well as various people who spend their days on the farm, we met Liam Tayler and Logie Cassells, both originally from the UK. Logie moved here with his family around 8 years ago from his life in the financial world of London, and Liam came here in 2011, from Ghana, after spending 15 months on board the Picton Castle sailing the world. It was on board the ship that he met a local girl who soon became his fiance. After reaching dry land Liam knew that he had to make his home here, and now he lives in the very picturesque Mahone Bay. It was interesting to spend time on the farm with these guys – I don’t have much knowledge of how a farm is normally run, but I was amazed by the care and attention that the whole team here puts in. There were plentiful haskap bushes, but Liam and Logie seemed to know each one individually and even knew how many berries were forming on each! They are also very passionate about soil health and have a very responsible approach to sustainable farming. Their methods are sure to bear much fruit!

Thanks Liam and Logie for spending this time with us and sharing your passion and your stories. Watch the video to see it in their own words.

The music in this video comes from Halifax based Grassmarket. The song is This is the Life from the album Port City. Grassmarket are another of those fabulous Nova Scotian groups that I’ve only recently discovered, I’ve been missing out, there’s such a lot of talent out there!