WhyHere? – Old Confidence Lodge Studio & Stage

Next up in our WhyHere? series with the LQRDA is Diego Medina at the Old Confidence Lodge recording studio in Riverport.

WhyHere? looks at people who have chosen to be in this area and examines the reasons for this. Diego Medina is a great example – he grew up in Chile, but moved to Canada as a young adult. After learning his trade in Alberta and across the country and working with some huge names, he was ready to set up his own studio and he looked east as ┬áhe wanted to be near the ocean and live somewhere affordable. The old Oddfellows building in Riverport was the perfect solution; he transformed it into the Old Confidence Lodge, and the rest is history. Diego now brings fantastic artists from across the country to work in this beautiful, peaceful yet well connected area. He’s a huge assed to the community.

Whilst we were at the Lodge making this video we had the pleasure of meeting Jennah Barry, who was in having her first listen to her new album Young Men, recorded there earlier this year. Jennah agreed to let us use the music from her album as the soundtrack for this video, and it fitted so well! Thanks Jennah. If you like what you hear (and you will!) check Analog Songs on Monday for the first of 2 videos we recorded with her.

If you watch this video you can’t help but feel inspired by his story in his own words. I’m jealous!